An overview of the Landslide Network

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Landslide brings seamless interchain connectivity between Avalanche and the interchain ecosystem through IBC.

Landslide is a game-changing IBC connection to Avalanche, enabling seamless interoperability between Avalanche, Cosmos, and other IBC-enabled chains. It ushers in a new era of cross-chain DeFi operations, scalability, and streamlined user experience by enabling any CosmWasm-based dapp to run natively on the Avalanche network. Through Landslide, we're fostering a more interconnected, robust blockchain ecosystem, enhancing liquidity, diversifying applications and assets, and attracting a broader user base to blockchain.

An Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) bridge to Avalanche represents a significant development in the blockchain space, offering a host of benefits.

Firstly, the IBC protocol allows for seamless interoperability between different blockchains. In the context of Avalanche, an IBC bridge means that Avalanche can securely and efficiently interact with Cosmos and any other IBC-enabled chains (Polkadot being the most recent), facilitating asset and data transfer between these networks. This opens up a new world of possibilities, such as cross-chain DeFi operations, where a user on one network can utilize financial products on another network, enhancing overall accessibility and utility.

Secondly, this expansion of IBC to Avalanche, a non-Cosmos chain, is a crucial step towards a more interconnected and interoperable blockchain ecosystem. As more non-Cosmos chains adopt IBC, the possibilities for cross-chain interactions expand exponentially. This broadening network effect can lead to higher liquidity, increased diversity of applications and assets, and enhanced robustness of the ecosystem as a whole.

Thirdly, Avalanche has gained a lot of traction for its high throughput and low fees. By building a bridge to Avalanche, Cosmos-based dApps can leverage these advantages, offering their users a better experience.

Finally, from a user perspective, it means that they can have access to more diverse dApps and services without needing to manage multiple wallets or navigate different networks. This streamlines the user experience, potentially attracting more users to the blockchain ecosystem.

The Landslide Network is a new IBC-enabled Avalanche Subnet that enables any CosmWasm-based dapp to run natively on the Avalanche network. This means that dApps that were previously restricted to other networks like Osmosis, WYND, and Helix can now be accessed by a new pool of users on Avalanche. This document aims to provide an overview of the Landslide Network, its goals, and features.


The Landslide Network aims to address some of the challenges faced by existing blockchain networks such as slow transaction finality, scalability issues, and limited interoperability. The following are the main goals of the Landslide Network:

  1. Connect natively to IBC: The Landslide Network enables native transfers of all IBC-connected tokens. This allows for seamless transfer of assets between the Landslide Network and other IBC-enabled chains.

  2. Decrease transaction finality: The Landslide Network aims to reduce the finality time of transactions on Tendermint from 7-22 seconds to under 1 second, making it one of the fastest networks in the blockchain ecosystem.

  3. Take advantage of trading opportunities: With faster finality times, the Landslide Network can take advantage of trading opportunities that arise in fast-paced environments, making it an attractive platform for high-frequency traders.

  4. 100% compatibility with CosmosSDK: The Landslide Network is designed to be highly compatible with the native Cosmos-based SDK, enabling developers to easily port their existing dApps to the Landslide Network.

  5. Collaboration between Avalanche, Cosmos, and other IBC-enabled chains: The Landslide Network aims to create closer collaboration between the three ecosystems of Avalanche, Cosmos, and other IBC-enabled chains, creating a stronger, more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

What is @CosmosAVAX? Landslide is building a Cosmos IBC enabled subnet for Avalanche. This will allow Native IBC integration within the @avalancheavax ecosystem. What does this mean for@cosmos?

1. Under 1 second finality for bridged/forked assets into the Landslide subnet.

2. Compatibility between assets of any built with Tendermint/ Cosmos SDK assets. ( $OSMO, $LUNA, $RUNE, $JUNO)

3. Aggregated liquidity

Emperor Osmo

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