Landslide Network features


The Landslide Network offers several features that make it an attractive platform for developers and users alike. These include:

  1. High throughput and scalability: The Landslide Network is designed to handle high throughput and scalability, making it ideal for developing games, AMMs, and other dapps that require fast finality times.

  2. Native support for IBC: The Landslide Network natively supports IBC, enabling seamless transfer of assets between the Landslide Network and other IBC-enabled chains.

  3. Interoperability with Cosmos-based SDK: The Landslide Network is 100% compatible with the native Cosmos-based SDK, making it easy for developers to port their existing dApps to the Landslide Network.

  4. Airdrop tokens to Avalanche and Cosmos users: The Landslide Network will conduct an airdrop of tokens to users on Avalanche and Cosmos, providing an incentive for users to join the Landslide Network and participate in its ecosystem.

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