wasmd storage integrated into LandslideSDK


The LandslideSDK is designed to support the CosmWasm Virtual Machine (VM) and its methods, such as read_db, write_db, remove_db, and scan_db. As a wrapper around the CosmWasm VM, the LandslideSDK enables developers to compile, initialize, and execute CosmWasm smart contracts from their Go applications, including the x/wasm module.

The CosmWasm VM is a lightweight and efficient Wasm runtime optimized for blockchain applications, and it provides a secure and sandboxed environment for executing smart contracts. With the support of the LandslideSDK, developers can leverage the power of the CosmWasm VM to build scalable and secure dApps on the Avalanche network.


The LandslideSDK is designed to be fully compatible with the CosmosSDK and can support the CosmosSDK KVStore in a wasm module. This means that developers can use the familiar CosmosSDK KVStore to build their applications on Landslide without having to learn a new storage model. Additionally, wasm modules in LandslideSDK can also use the IBC light client to transfer assets between Avalanche and other connected blockchains, further expanding the interoperability of LandslideSDK-based dApps.

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