IBC Relayer AVAX Subnet Proof

How IBC gets the state proof from AVAX mainnet

The sequence diagram describes an Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) relayer retrieving Avalanche Subnet proof.

The process involves multiple participants: the relayer, Subnet Node 1 through Node N, and Subnet Validator 1 through Validator N.

The relayer first queries proof by key from Subnet Node 1. Node 1 attempts to get the payload by key, and if the signature is already in its internal cache, it retrieves it. If the signature is not cached, it makes a call through the Virtual Machine (VM) context to Validator 1 to sign the payload. After Validator 1 returns the signature, Node 1 forwards it back to the relayer.

A similar process occurs with Subnet Node 2 and its corresponding Validator. However, in this case, it's noted that the signature is not cached and needs to be signed by the Validator through the VM context.

The process repeats for all remaining nodes (represented as Node N) and their corresponding Validators (Validator N).

After collecting all signatures from the different Subnet Nodes, the relayer then composes these signatures from Node 1, up to Node N.

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